Catastrophic Injury

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LAW TALK By Leonard Villafranco Catastrophic Injury & illness can include brain injury, spinal cord injury, accidental amputation, severe burns, multiple fractures, or other neurological disorders and many other bodily injury types. A catastrophic injury usually occurs suddenly and without warning. Injuries are considered catastrophic due to the enormous impact they have on the lives of the individuals who experience them. A catastrophic injury very often causes severe disruption to the ce...

Are Rear End Vehicles always at Fault?

If you involved in a rear-end traffic crash in South Florida, you may ask, “is the rear vehicle behind you automatically at fault?”  The answer is “Probably, but not always!” In South Florida, there is a rebuttable presumption that the negligence of the rear driver in a rear-end traffic crash was the sole cause of the accident.  Still, this presumption may be rebutted when evidence, which fairly and reasonably shows that the rear-end collision was not result of the rear driver’s negligence....