Theft Crimes

Shoplifting and Petit Larceny theft charges can be complex, particularly because these cases often involve hard evidence such as video surveillance. There may also be witnesses, including store employees or security personnel who will testify that you took an item. Finally, the item itself may be used as evidence against you if it was found on your person or in your vehicle, etc.

Grand theft is a theft crime that involves stealing property valued at $300 or more, or involving the theft of a particular type of item, such as a firearm. Depending on what was allegedly stolen as well as the value of the property, a defendant may face anywhere from a maximum sentence of 5 years to 30 years in state prison. The defendant is also likely to face restitution to the victim, as well as heavy fines and court fees. Grand theft is a felony offense in Florida.

Burglary and robbery are two serious criminal offenses that are related to theft but are considered violent crimes due to the manner in which they are committed. Robbery involves theft by force or threat. Burglary is a slightly different offense that involves unlawfully entering another’s property with the intention of committing a crime (most often theft.)

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