Motorcycle Collisions

Motorcycle accidents are not ordinary accidents. Motorcycle riders have far less protection during a crash than those driving trucks or cars. As a result, the injuries are often catastrophic or fatal.

I Do Love Motorcycles, But Understand the Danger
I Do Love Motorcycles, But Understand the Danger

Motorcycle accident victims often suffer tragic and debilitating head and spinal injuries. Motorcycle accident injuries often change the the lives of the victims and their families forever. As an avid motorcycle rider Leonard S. Villafranco, understands the human costs associated with these injuries as well as the physical, emotional and financial consequences of these accidents and is here to help.

Representation for Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are complex and liability often extends well beyond the vehicles involved in the accident. Numerous other conditions may have contributed to the accident and injuries including improper roadway conditions, defects in design and manufacture associated with helmets, the motorcycle or its components.

Having been in an almost fatal motorcycle accident himself, Leonard S. Villafranco, Esq., understands the importance of proper legal representation. Proper legal representation is necessary to assure that all negligent parties are held accountable and that you receive the justice that you deserve. If you or a loved has been involved in a motorcycle accident and need an honest assessment of your potential case, please contact us