What you should do if you are arrested?

LAW TALK By Leonard Villafranco If you are arrested in Florida, the decision to answer any questions is entirely yours. Give this matter serious attention because any oral or written statements will be used as evidence in court. If you are offered, coerced or forced to sign anything, advise your attorney or the senior police official in charge immediately. If you do not have an attorney, you can ask to see one immediately before giving up your right to remain silent. You can ask to speak wi...

Catastrophic Injury

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LAW TALK By Leonard Villafranco Catastrophic Injury & illness can include brain injury, spinal cord injury, accidental amputation, severe burns, multiple fractures, or other neurological disorders and many other bodily injury types. A catastrophic injury usually occurs suddenly and without warning. Injuries are considered catastrophic due to the enormous impact they have on the lives of the individuals who experience them. A catastrophic injury very often causes severe disruption to the ce...

Domestic Violence

Treasure Coast Florida families often find themselves facing domestic violence and battery charges, especially when going through a divorce or a custody battle. When one member of the family is charged with domestic violence, they find themselves in a difficult and emotional situation. These charges have consequences that extend beyond criminal records. You should fully expect the state Attorney’s office to arrest and prosecute you for domestic violence, once the police are called to the scene. ...