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In addition to general regulatory matters, we have represented clients during a number of administrative law cases in Florida, including:

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Understanding Administrative Law in Florida

A branch of law involving the legal principles for governing the administration and regulation of federal and state government agencies, administrative law in Florida is an incredibly important, but often misunderstood, legal area. The decisions regarding a number of daily activities that different federal and state agencies perform are governed by administrative law, including boards or commissions and tribunals.

Chapter 120 of the Florida Statutes includes the Administrative Procedures Act. Included are the rules that govern the way in which administrative agencies of the state government can act. In the event a government agency acts out of line with these rules, they are considered to have acted outside of the authority delegated to it by the legislature. That is where administrative law comes in and you may require legal representation or counsel for administrative law cases in Port Saint Lucie.

Types of Administrative Law in Florida

Professional discipline hearings

Licensing and permitting

Judicial review of administrative and agency action
Rulemaking and rule challenge proceedings

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Administrative Law Port St Lucie

Administrative law cases can be challenging, complicated, and overwhelming. When you have the peace of mind that you are working with a professional and experienced Florida administrative law attorney, you can be assured you are adequately protected and focus on running your business. During administrative disputes or disagreements, the administrative lawyers at Garcia Law can offer you experienced and aggressive representation.


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