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Even when your business and your contracts are created with the best intentions, business disputes can happen. In these cases, you need expert, aggressive, and reliable representation to protect you and your business. Working with a business lawyer can not only minimize your liability, but it can also help you avoid future, costly litigation.

When litigation is unavoidable, you can rely on the business dispute lawyers at Garcia Law to fight for you and your business, defend and protect you in court, and provide all of the legal services you expect from the top-rated business attorney in Port Saint Lucie.

Protecting your bottom line and your best interests is our top priority. There are a number of business disputes you may be faced with, and you need the best team on your side to ensure the best outcome possible.

Some of these disputes and disagreements can arise from common business practices, often the ones you least expected of becoming contentious. They include:

Business Litigation and Dispute Resolution in Florida


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Partnership Disputes

Partnership disputes can be particularly emotional, challenging, and unexpected. What was once a positive working or personal relationship can quickly become contentious and result in a number of expensive and time-consuming legal issues. Your best option is to set yourself up for success and ensure you work with business attorneys for creating and enforcing contracts that protect your best interest.

In the event it is too late for that or these contracts are breached, you may find yourself involved in a number of disputes with your business partners, even when they don’t involve your personal relationships.

Examples include:

  • Misappropriation of assets/business opportunities
  • Fraudulent activity
  • Breaching a contract
  • Interfering with a contract
  • Real estate disputes
  • Dividing assets during dissolution
  • Lost or missed business opportunities
  • Visions for the company that don’t align

Business Law Services in Port Saint Lucie

Business Formation
Breach of Contract Claims
Employment Considerations

Put our 35+ years of business litigation and mediation experience to work for you. Contact Garcia Law today.

Mediation for Business Disputes

Business disputes don’t always have to be adversarial. In some cases, they can be kept out of court with the help of mediation and a skilled mediator on your side. Francisco J. Garcia, Esquire, is a Supreme Court of Florida Certified Circuit Civil and County Mediator with more than 35 years of legal experience.

The mediation process requires a mediator to possess excellent litigation skills and knowledge, combined with talents like those exhibited throughout Francisco J Garcia’s career. As your mediator, Francisco J Garcia can help increase your chances of capturing the full advantages that the mediation process offers. His experience, qualifications, and approach will help create a positive environment for resolving your business disputes.


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