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All too often, the importance of creating a will in Florida is lost on many people and not realized until it’s too late. Then, in the event of their death, the division of their assets is left up to the court rather than the plan they had for their estate being executed.

Now is the time to begin working with a Port Saint Lucie will lawyer to create a plan for your estate and where your assets will go in the event of your death. Although it’s not something any of us like to think about, once you have the peace of mind that your will was properly and legally created, you can get back to enjoying your life.

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What is the Difference Between a Living Will and a Last Will?

Many of our clients come to us with questions about a living will and a last will and how they differ.

Living Will: These wills (also known as advanced healthcare directives) can go into effect while you’re still alive but have suffered a serious medical condition or injury that has left you incapacitated and unable to make or voice directives about your care.

Last Will and Testament: On the other hand, a Last Will and Testament legally outline how your estate and assets will be distributed in the event of your death. These do not go into effect until you have passed away.

What is a Living Will Lawyer?

In the unfortunate event you were to experience a debilitating illness or injury and you were unable to make or express your wishes regarding your health care, a living will can give your loved ones and your caregivers the clarity and guidance they need to move forward with your care.

For example, a living will can answer questions like:

  • Would you like doctors to prolong your life if there is no chance of recovery beyond a vegetative state?
  • How long would you want to stay on life support?
  • Do you approve of drastic life-saving measures?

Types of Wills in Florida

Simple Will (Last Will and Testament)

Pour-Over Will
Mirror Image Will
Testamentary Trust

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How to Make a Will in Florida

When you make a will in Florida, it is incredibly important to work with an estate planning lawyer to ensure your will is properly created, nothing is missed, and all paperwork is properly filed.            


There are several important steps to follow for making a will in Florida. Each of these steps can be handled with ease alongside the help of your trusted will attorney from Garcia Law:


  • Deciding what property to include in your will
  • Determining who will inherit your property
  • Choosing an executor to handle your estate
  • Picking a guardian for your minor children
  • Choosing someone to manage children’s property
  • Creating your will
  • Signing your will in front of witnesses
  • Storing your will safely and securely

Get a Will in Florida

When you contact the attorneys at Garcia Law, we can help you determine which type of will is right for your needs and situation. We can also ensure your will is properly created to avoid any issues down the road and ensure you have the peace of mind you need. Don’t wait—call us today. 


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